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How Fundacion VIHDA started:

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VIHDA was founded in June 2006 in Guayaquil, Ecuador to work primarily in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding.  Our work began in the largest Maternity Hospital in Ecuador, located in Guayaquil, the country's largest city (pop. 2'500.000), where about 35,000 births per year take place (about 20% of all births in the country).

Our Work.

 Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV


Since its founding in 2006, Fundacion VIHDA has worked in partnership with Ecuador’s largest Maternity Hospital in Guayaquil and the Ministry of Health to detect and treat HIV+ cases among pregnant women so they can receive treatment and their babies can be born healthy and HIV-free.

 Youth Training Program on HIV/AIDS Prevention


Since 2009, Fundación VIHDA has developed various HIV prevention programs for teens, as well as peer counseling training programs so young adults can assist each other in understanding and protecting themselves from HIV. One such program called “How much do you know about HIV and AIDS” was conducted from 2009 until 2013 and educated and trained 21,223 young people as direct beneficiaries. Participating high schools in Guayaquil have included: Francisco Huerta Rendón, Rita Lecumberri, Otto Arosemena Gómez, Batalla de Tarqui, Ati II Pillahauso, Colegio Amazonas, Instituto Suárez, Espíritu Santo, and Colegio Huancavilca.

Program for Early Detection and Promotion of the HIV Rapid Test


Fundacion VIHDA maintains a constant commitment to our community by being the only non-governmental agency that provides free HIV testing in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city and the one most affected by HIV/AIDS in the country. We believe early detection and treatment of the virus is key to controlling the epidemic and helping to reduce the impact of HIV infection in our region. We promote our free HIV testing services through our website www.vihda.org.ec, our phone hotline 1-800-PRUEBA (1-800-778-322), and through our social media outlets, such as FacebookTwitter and Instagram. 

 Program of Diagnostic Disclosure for Children


In Ecuador there is a significant number of children living with HIV. Most of these children acquired the virus from their mothers, who unfortunately were unaware of their HIV status and did not receive the timely treatment to prevent HIV transmission to their child.


 Social Assistance Program for People Living with HIV and AIDS and Their Families


Fundacion VIHDA has an average of 120 monthly visits from people who need some help or information in reference to HIV and AIDS. Our work is based on providing quality attention to users of our services and creating a friendly and positive environment for both our staff and the people we serve.

 Exchange Programs with United States Universities

web-prog-exper-univ-miniFundación VIHDA has developed collaboration projects with students and faculty from several renowned United States universities in which students spend time in Ecuador each year in order to gain experience and work in our assistance programs for detecting new HIV cases and attending people living with HIV. Among the participating schools are: Yale University, Duke University, the University of Kentucky, and the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. During these exchanges, students perform rotations both in the Maternity Hospital and in Fundación VIHDA.

 Adherence and Nutritional Support Program 


Since 2007, Fundación VIHDA has worked to improve patient adherence to ARV treatment of HIV and AIDS. Together with social workers from different organizations in Guayaquil, we have discussed the needs expressed by low income patients in their care, and have developed a treatment incentive program that provides nutritional support via delivery of basic food baskets to patients that keep appointments, take their medications timely and bring their babies for medical follow up, all activities that improve adherence and allow better patient monitoring.

 Psychological Care Program


Receiving an HIV diagnosis is a moment of great turmoil and change in a person’s life. Their expectations, their outlook on life, fears of illness or death, infecting family members, among other worries, change everything for a person. Since HIV diagnosis is still linked to many myths and fears, the answers are not easy.


Educational Talks and Workshops for People Living with HIV


Fundación VIHDA is constantly developing training and providing opportunities for personal development for people living with HIV and their families. Throughout the year, our beneficiaries have the opportunity to learn about various topics of interest.




Somos una organización ciudadana sin fines de lucro que:

Lucha por detener la transmisión madre-hijo del VIH durante el embarazo, parto y lactancia.
Educa sobre qué es, cómo se transmite, cómo se previene y cómo se trata el VIH/Sida.
Promociona la realización y fácil acceso a pruebas voluntarias de VIH.
Asiste a personas viviendo con el VIH/SIDA a acceder a servicios médicos, psicológicos y sociales disponibles.