Social Assistance Program for People Living with HIV and AIDS and Their Families

Fundacion VIHDA has an average of 120 monthly visits from people who need some help or information in reference to HIV and AIDS. Our work is based on providing quality attention to users of our services and creating a friendly and positive environment for both our staff and the people we serve.

We evaluate the needs of each user and provide the required assistance to people living with HIV and their families according to those needs. These needs include everything from addressing simple good health practices, providing support and home visits according to each case, verifying that the detected positive patients enlist in the National AIDS program to receive their medications, and ensuring adherence by monitoring their attendance to their doctor’s visits in the Ministry of Health or Social Security hospitals.

Over the years, our work has generated confidence and goodwill from the community. Therefore we also receive help from volunteers who assist our professionals in our different programs supporting people living with HIV and their families.

In our flagship program, the Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission Prevention Program at the Maternity Hospital, Fundacion VIHDA has supported and attended the continued requests of the hospital for supplies and medicines when shortages hit the national health system.

Our constant donations to the Maternity Hospital team try to overcome the scarcity of medications for both mothers and babies, necessary to prevent HIV transmission during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding. Additionally, our donations of rapid HIV tests help the medical staff monitor pregnant women regularly, helping us to continue to timely detect those with HIV before labor and birth, and. preventing HIV test shortages affecting the prevention program at the hospital

Moreover, Fundacion VIHDA has created opportunities for strengthening interaction between people living with HIV and their families in order to educate and empower them in different topics.


We provide workshops and lectures covering different topics related to HIV so that patients and their families can keep up with current information and improve their knowledge and management of their health condition, including the legal framework that protects them as people living with HIV.. We have witnessed that when empowered, people living with HV and their families become more active and committed to their care. 

In cases where the person living with HIV is dealing with a particularly difficult personal or employment related situation, including discriminatory situations, they are referred to the Public Ombudsman (Defensoria del Pueblo) so they can file formal complaints and get assistance initiating legal action.

Thanks to the support and collaboration of our donors, as well as our continuous search for new resources, we continue to do this important and meaningful work in service of our community and keep contributing to the reduction of HIV transmission in our country.

Translated by Rachel Mestnik, Peace Corps 2014. Edited by Fundacion VIHDA.  


Somos una organización ciudadana sin fines de lucro que:

Lucha por detener la transmisión madre-hijo del VIH durante el embarazo, parto y lactancia.
Educa sobre qué es, cómo se transmite, cómo se previene y cómo se trata el VIH/Sida.
Promociona la realización y fácil acceso a pruebas voluntarias de VIH.
Asiste a personas viviendo con el VIH/SIDA a acceder a servicios médicos, psicológicos y sociales disponibles.