Program for Early Detection and Promotion of the HIV Rapid Test

Fundacion VIHDA maintains a constant commitment to our community by being the only non-governmental agency that provides free HIV testing in the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador’s largest city and the one most affected by HIV/AIDS in the country.

We believe early detection and treatment of the virus is key to controlling the epidemic and helping to reduce the impact of HIV infection in our region.

We promote our free HIV testing services through our website, our phone hotline 1-800-PRUEBA (1-800-778-322), and through our social media outlets, such as FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

VIHDA offers comprehensive services and the support of qualified personnel to provide quality care and warmth so that those who come to get tested in our offices find themselves in a quiet and safe environment, without fear of discrimination or rejection.

The process of HIV testing, subject to procedures developed by health authorities, begins with pre-test counseling. At this stage each patient receives all the information necessary to understand in a simple and comprehensive way the basics of HIV and AIDS, how the virus is and is not transmitted and what effective methods of prevention are available. It also provides users the opportunity to question and clarify any potential doubts they may have prior to testing.

Once pre-counseling is complete, users are accompanied to our testing area, where our lab technicians draw blood samples for the rapid tests, using disposable items for each patient, and observing all relevant biosecurity measures.

Finally, after approximately 20 minutes, results are personally delivered in a post-test counseling session, always respecting the patient’s right to confidentiality.

When HIV+ cases are detected by rapid test in our offices, we accompany patients to the Hospital de Infectologia (the Ministry of Health’s Infectious Diseases Hospital) for a confirmation test which is necessary for a definitive diagnosis. Additionally, we help each patient complete the necessary paperwork so they may receive specialized care and ARV medication in one of the various health centers from the Ministry of Health or the Social Security network. In this manner, we ensure that users receive appropriate healthcare.

Translated by Rachel Mestnik, Peace Corps 2014; Edited by Fundacion VIHDA.



Somos una organización ciudadana sin fines de lucro que:

Lucha por detener la transmisión madre-hijo del VIH durante el embarazo, parto y lactancia.
Educa sobre qué es, cómo se transmite, cómo se previene y cómo se trata el VIH/Sida.
Promociona la realización y fácil acceso a pruebas voluntarias de VIH.
Asiste a personas viviendo con el VIH/SIDA a acceder a servicios médicos, psicológicos y sociales disponibles.