Adherence and Nutritional Support Program


Since 2007, Fundación VIHDA has worked to improve patient adherence to ARV treatment of HIV and AIDS. Together with social workers from different organizations in Guayaquil, we have discussed the needs expressed by low income patients in their care, and have developed a treatment incentive program that provides nutritional support via delivery of basic food baskets to patients that keep appointments, take their medications timely and bring their babies for medical follow up, all activities that improve adherence and allow better patient monitoring.

We work with local medical centers such as the Hospital Guayaquil and Maternity Hospital Marianita de Jesus, run by the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), and private nonprofits like Hogar de Cristo, among others, to offer patients the chance to be selected among those that have demonstrated personal responsibility in taking care of their health condition.


In short, the low income patients that comply with their healthcare and that of their newborns by regularly attending medical check-ups, performing the necessary lab tests, and timely taking their medications, are reported to us by our partner organizations and are added to our Nutritional Assistance Program in which they receive a monthly basket of non-perishable food items at Fundación VIHDA to assist in their family nutritional care.

This successful incentive program is made possible thanks to the collaboration and commitment of our donors who contribute basic food products each month to be used in our nutritional baskets. To date, we have delivered more than 4,900 baskets to people living with HIV and AIDS in the greater Guayaquil area.

Translated by Rachel Mestnik, Peace Corps 2014. Edited by Fundacion VIHDA.


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